...for posterity's sake. i had always considered it very strange to publish your thoughts online for all to see. after all, who cares? and then, as i was feeding my daughter, i realized - she might. so, here goes...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


oddly enough, when i have the most to blog about, i have no time to blog. or actually, i just don't feel like doing it. this defeats my purpose here since i am working on some sort of record for my kids. i realize this. i even waste my time feeling guilty about it when i know i have the time but not the energy. i need some voice recognition software so i can just say it and it is written. michael used to sell this software but the company died. where is virtuallyspeaking when i need it? although, it probably wouldn't work since it would have to filter out 3 voices. yes, i'm lazy.

so, let's see. the day after michael's birthday we bought a second car - FINALLY! - and i got a call from my old boss asking if i wanted to come back - for a 3rd tour of duty - part-time. it was a busy day.

with our new-found debt and 2 let's-just-call-them-energetic kids in hand, i agree to come in and talk about it. but i want to do it already. it was the gig they laughed at me for wanting when miss b was born. one day in the office. one day at home. 2.5 years ago it wasn't done, at this company anyway. it would come down to how much they were going to pay me for this weekly mini-vacation vs. how much it would cost to drive an hour each way once a week, how much it would cost to have someone watch the kids, how much my sanity was worth, etc. michael was expecting low numbers, so i was nervous. but somehow i knew that my old boss - who was my hands down favorite old boss - wouldn't waste my time. so we hash out the new position and then comes the money part - "so i took what you used to make, added in 2 merit increases and cut it in half." did i mention he was my favorite? sold.

all of a sudden, i'm envisioning all of the house/yard projects that we were doing ourselves being done by professionals. WOO HOO, we might have a finished patio by this summer! aah. i'm pretty sure that i've spent my first 2 paychecks at this point.

i started on march 26th and worked monday/wed/friday. i know, i know, what happened to 1 day a week? i had to train with the kid who was leaving. although at quarter end and the first week of a new quarter, i need to work more often.

now i just need to find someone to watch b and a, which is turning out to be more difficult than i thought.


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